WWF – Pakistan Green School Certification


Green School Programme (GSP) is the pioneer environment school certification initiative in Pakistan. GSP engages students and teachers in a structured environment awareness curriculum. The GSP is tailored to each school’s academic calendar.

The registered school is awarded WWF – Pakistan’s accreditation of a ‘Green School ’ after fulfilling certain criterion.

Every year the students undergo different sets of environmental activities enabling them to grow as eco friendly and responsible citizens.

The GSP aims to foster a sense of individual responsibility and accountability towards nature conservation for a sustainable future.

Objectives of the environment education programme

  • Bringing a positive change in the attitude of the youth;
  • Create a more mature and environmentally conscious generation;
  • Inculcate a habit of giving;
  • Students become Ambassadors of WWF – Pakistan and obtain support for conservation;
  • Ensure the future sustainability of natural resources in Pakistan;
  • Responsible for reducing our ecological footprint.


  • The GSP consists of a one year renewable contract with registered schools ;
  • Allows students to get regular insights into the eco dynamics and environmental challenges faced at global and national level;
  • Practical solutions to environmental challenges;
  • Broaden students scope as responsible custodians of valuable natural resources;
  • Inculcate civic responsibility in the youth ;
  • Aims for a future where humans live in harmony with nature.

Schools eligible

The program is applicable to all school systems under the English Medium Curriculum. Activities are designed for students of primary, secondary and higher secondary level. – See more at: http://www.wwfpak.org/greenschool/#sthash.krZR4Ke6.dpuf

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