WWF Green School Programme


WWF Pakistan is running a Green School Certification model with the objective to engage the students and teachers of private and government school in a structured Annual Awareness Programme to foster sense of individual responsibility and accountability in future generation of Pakistan towards nature conservation. RMS has signed a legal agreement with the WWF in order to promote environmental education and awareness all across the campuses nationwide. Students studying in Millennium Schools all across are Green Students.


The Programme at RMS is planned for the whole year to give students regular insight into the eco dynamics and the overall environmental challenges faced at global and regional level, to broaden student’s scope as a responsible custodian of valuable natural resources and to consequently instill civic responsibility in them.”


The objectives of the Program are to

  1. Enable the students to generate an insight into the eco dynamics and the overall challenges to the ecosystem.
  2. Broaden student’s scope as a responsible custodian of valuable natural resources.
  3. Inculcate and foster civic responsibility in students.
  4. Give opportunity to students to become official Ambassador of WWF Pakistan and solicit support of their parents and families membership for conservation of natural resources of Pakistan.
  5. Develop a sense of responsibility of reducing our ecological footprint.
  6. Inculcate a habit of giving.

Through this network, RMS expands upon mutual opportunities to learn and implement new and better ways to conserve and serve the environment. We have global vision when it comes to conservation, but we hold true to local perspective and needs while accomplishing our work.

RMS Green Student Benefits

The WWF RMS Green School Program provides students an opportunity to be Ambassadors for WWF-Pakistan.

  1. Opportunities to participate in several Green activities throughout the year.
  2. Green Students get an edge over other students as they receive WWF-Pakistan’s certificates.
  3. Green Students obtain WWF-Pakistan’s other school oriented activities for free including: Spellathon and ECO Internship.
  4. Green Students receive privileges of WWF-Pakistan’s Individual Members including Discounts on Panda Products and at WWF-Pakistan’s Retail Partner outlets.
  5. Registered students get Green School exclusive paraphernalia including a Green Student badge and membership card exclusively designed for Green Student.

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