The Green School Programme entails


Careful planning on the part of WWF – Pakistan Environmental Education and conservationists team in consultation with the best relevant authorities and academic institutions available to it in the field of education, event planning, child psychology, ecosystem science and conservation WWF – Pakistan proposes an annual plan for a Green School.

1. WWF – Pakistan’s Spellathon

For almost 16 years now, WWF – Pakistan has been conducting a nation-wide environment spelling competition in Schools known by the nationally recognised title ‘Spellathon’. ‘Spellathon Booklets’ are designed to be utilised by students from grades one to nine. The booklets collectively contain a vast wealth of information, word games, puzzles, exercises and points to ponder about ecology with focus on wetlands. Designed to take a student on a developmental voyage of scientific discovery the booklets ease a child into understanding that different animals exist and that these animals exist in different environments. These environments are often integrated, overlapping and co dependent. They then examine specific aspects of ecosystems and the associated biodiversity. The Green School Students will participate free in WWF – Pakistan’s Nation-wide Spellathon from level one onwards.

2. WWF – Pakistan’s Annual Travelling Nature Carnival

Since the past 13 years thousands of visitors are lured to WWF – Pakistan’s annual Traveling Nature Carnival as it tours four of the country’s major cities casting its net of environmental awareness, conservation and protection.
WWF – Pakistan’s Nature Carnival is a means of reaching to the public to raise their awareness and understanding for the need to conserve, protect and manage Pakistan’s natural resources. It stresses the valuable scientific and social roles they occupy within the country and region. It also serves as a vehicle for government agencies and the private corporate sector to show their involvement and concern in protecting the environmental aspects of the country’s biodiversity.
WWF – Pakistan has welcomed the enthusiastic participation of the Nation’s schools in helping us educate children, teachers and parents in understanding the importance of conserving natural resources and associated biodiversity. Dramatic gains have been made in the country’s knowledge of environmental dynamics and conservation of unique ecosystems.
The Green School will get a Stall free of cost at the WWF – Pakistan Traveling Nature Carnival for 3 D model Presentations and displays.

3. Green Schools and WWF Individual Membership

We at WWF – Pakistan, realise the impact that every individual has on conserving the rich and diverse environment of Pakistan. This is one of the reasons why WWF puts a special emphasis on the Individual Membership Programme. Over the years the programme has been charged with the responsibility of nature conservation and fostering a sense of personal accountability towards the conservation of natural resources in the country. It has also managed to organise a group of people with common ideals to influence positive change.
Under the Green Schools Programme all students will be given annual Individual Membership to WWF under the Defender category. Although this category is available to Individuals at Rs.500 the students of your school will receive it free of cost as part of the Green School Programme. By becoming a member not only will your students help in creating a future where humans can live in harmony with nature but will also receive a wide range of benefits including those listed below:

  • Discounts on WWF – Pakistan ECO travel exposure trips for students and parents
  • Discounts on Panda Products
  • Environmental updates
  • Free Passes to WWF annual events
  • WWF Student membership card

4. Annual Thematic Campaigns

WWF – Pakistan will assist the Green School to run at least three selected activities in school thematic annual environmental campaigns including ‘Say No to Plastic Bags, ‘Plant Trees’, and ‘Water Conservation’ across the school. All the technical support will be provided by WWF – Pakistan.

5. Annual Environment Show Time

Annual interactive Environment Documentary screening will be organised for different age groups in Green School to demonstrate different thought provoking English and Urdu documentaries and video films on various environmental and development topics.

6. ECO Workshops

WWF – Pakistan recognises that there is a lack of opportunities enabling students to get actively involved in nature conservation, thus to equip students with the experience of dynamics of nature conservation, WWF – Pakistan has been organising various workshops like Nature Photography, ECO Adventure Activity, Paper Making, ECO Internship, etc for the stakeholders across Pakistan. WWF has internationally acclaimed resource persons on board for conducting these workshops.
WWF – Pakistan will organise in school workshops for Green School students with the objective to discover and develop the student’s skill and to raise awareness of the students about the natural resources of Pakistan.
Note: The existing Green Students can avail ECO Internship free of charge on registration of two Members. The school will arrange transport for the exposure visits included in the ECO Internship.

7. Annual Environment Day

The Green School in collaboration will organise an environment day in school. The Environment day will feature thematic Play Performances, Quiz Competitions, Environment Fashion Show etc. The theme and programme of the Annual Environment day will be selected in consultation with the management of Green School.

8. Intra Green School Competitions

WWF – Pakistan will hold annual competitions including thematic speech competitions, Arts Competitions, Essay Competitions etc in the Green Schools. The competitions will stimulate young minds and will visually connect the child with the mental activity, which in case is how people, cultures and environment are connected. The proposed competitions will encourage the students to not only exercise their own creativity but draw from the scientific and social writings of environmental experts to create cogent pieces of work.

9. Green Monitors

The teachers will appoint Green Monitors who will monitor Green School activities throughout the year. The monitors will be given badges by WWF – Pakistan. The Green Monitors will give small motivational thematic speeches in the morning assembly e.g. Waste management, Water Conservation, Carbon Footprints etc.

10. Green Parliamentarians

Green Parliamentarians enables the Green Students to become an integral part of the Green School Programme. This empowers the students to take decisions and participate proactively in environmental awareness-raising activities of the Green School Programme.
The elections will be conducted for the post of President and Vice President from each level, i.e. primary, secondary and higher secondary in all the Green Schools. Nominated Green Students will stand for the positions of President and Vice President. During morning Assembly, each student cast a vote for the two positions in Ballot boxes placed at the Green Corner in their schools.
The elected Green Council will be able to shine and show their leadership capabilities and encourage students at their Green Schools to incorporate Green practises in their daily lives and help save the environment.

11. Green Speakers Corner

The Green School will dedicate one corner in the school as Free zone to express Green Views and also where Green Monitors can discuss about upcoming events and campaigns. The green Corner can also feature a wall where the breaking news and fact can be put up for other students’ information. This innovative activity will add fun to the routine activities and will introduce sense of freedom of speech about green issues in the country.

12. Community Service

The Green School Programme also aims to not only develop an environmentally conscious generation but will also provide an opportunity to the young students to understand their responsibility by contributing towards community at large.
In all the high rated academic institutions around the globe, community service done by the students is considered a mandatory requirement for admission. WWF – Pakistan’s Green School Programme also provides an opportunity to these students aspiring for higher education abroad to associate themselves with WWF – Pakistan through this programme – See more at:

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