Green economy in pakistan

It is a well-known fact that the entire world needs to be more focused on the green economy as fast as possible. The reasons are plenty: biodiversity is threatened, food prices are through the roof, clean water is becoming harder and harder to find, destructive storms are more and more frequent and climatic changes will make life on Earth unbearable soon enough. It is no longer a question of providing for the future, as the above-listed items are affecting us right now.

This is especially true for Pakistan. In 2010, our country was deemed the number one country in the world affected by climate changes, while in 2011 it ranked in the third place. Thus, Pakistani officials have taken it upon themselves to implement “green economy policies” – a term that replaces “sustainable development”. In a nutshell, this means that Pakistan aims to change regular businesses and turn them into performing green activities that also generate profit.

While the above statement may seem utopian, there are quite a few activities that fall into this category. Of course, most of the businesses will have to work with and for renewable energy. Investing in renewable energy will create numerous jobs in Pakistan and, in the longer run, bring down energy prices.

It may seem like a win-win situation: green economy brings jobs, saves the planet and is also profitable. However, we are still a long way from that. Switching to renewable energy and living green cannot be done without prior education and awareness campaigns. People need to understand the importance of securing our future before being asked to do so.

As previously stated, Pakistan doesn’t have time to ponder whether we should implement “green policies”. It’s high time we acted, as the future is not very bright here. Every small change counts, every green home is a big step towards a better future and present.

This is the main reason for GreenJobs’ existence. We are here to inform people and to help them understand why change is necessary. We wish to start these changes with the average citizen, as this is the most affected category and, furthermore, the category that needs to take immediate action. Engaging people at all levels is crucial right now for Pakistan’s economy and society. We aim at being more than just another job website: we wish to be a complex platform where people with similar, green views can meet, discuss and work together for a greener, better Pakistan.