Green Development in Pakistan


In Pakistan environmental degradation is both a cause and consequence of different socio-economic problems including deepening poverty, declining performance of different crops and viral attacks on them and health diseases.

Environmentalists say that fragile and damaged resource base is a key cause of the rising poverty. Besides, degrading land resources are affecting agricultural yields, forest resources are mindlessly exploited that is limiting access of millions of poor people to vital livelihood the forests provide. However, the poor have no option but to mine and overuse the rapidly depleting resources.

This poignant situation has created a vicious cycle: a downward spiral of impoverishment and environmental degradation. Given the grim situation of environmental degradation and unsustainable exploitation of natural resources of the country, climatologists and environmentalists have advised the Pakistani policymakers to keep the protection of environment and sustainable use of natural resources at the centre of socio-economic policy making.

This is what the principle of green economy preaches: improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.

Climate Change advisor to the Pakistani government, Dr Qamar uz Zaman, has warns the Pakistan’s policy makers of awful ramifications on overall socio-economic fabric, if the social, economic and political policies are framed without consideration to the on protection of environment and natural resources.   By Saleem Shaikh